Monday, December 05, 2005

How careless I am..

Hmm... Talk about careless, I can say that I'm very careless. How careless I am to be. Seriously think about it, I'm not that type of person actually. I'm not that careless. Just don't know why that these few months, I'm very careless. What a man in this world I am.

Think back all those incident, I'm too careless for all those incident. First ever incident that I'm too careless in my life is I forgot to renew my driving license. What on earth I'm doing man. Driving license expired for 3 months, I'm still driving. How can I do that?? And because of that, I'm been caught for summon. And that happened during Hari Raya. What a great thing I had in my life. A summon from police for the license expired. Gosh..

Second thing, I'm too careless in driving. I just found out that I'm too sucks in driving. I drove my car, and I crash my side skirt. What is that man. Have you seen such a person that drive own car and crash the side skirt before? Woosh...


Now is 1:11am, and I'm still online here for this blog. Oh no.. Continue for the careless thing that I've done. Today, oops, should be yesterday night. I've did it again, careless old man. Did not notice on the motorist, and get some one car scratched. Aiseh.. What on earth I'm doing man. See... How careless am I. I don't get it, it just happened like that. If you were I, what is your thought in your mind now?? Will you angry of yourself? What should I do....

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Exhausted in serving??

Serving.. Talk about serving, I've been serving God for about 10 yrs plus. Hm.. You may know how long I've been a Christian. That's right, you are clever. What I think back all those days of serving, is been such a great joy in serving Him. But when time goes on, I find that is really tiring in serving God. What a day that I had for yesterday. That was my first ever experience serving God til exhausted. I'm dried up. Have you ever been through such situation? Hm..
My whole day was in church, just meant for practices for different kinda things. My first ever ministry that I've involved is the kids choir. I felt so nice to serve Him in a choir. As I'm growing, slowly I've join the worship ministry. I serve Him as a pianist at first. Is kinda amazing things in my life, I find that God has prepare the way for me ever since I'm young. I've learnt my piano since I'm in kindergarten. 10 yrs of piano, and I'm serving Him in church. What a great things to serve Him in what talent I have. But as times goes by, I find that my burden really getting heavier already.
Back to blog again. serving is not just saying that you want to serve, then you can serve straight away. Is all about attitude, if you got your attitude right, then only you can serve. Humble, is the thing that we hardly can do. You would think, all things that you've done, glory belongs to you. But think carefully, all talents are from God, what are you?? You are just a servant which entrusted with certain talent from Him. So at the end, glory still belongs to Him.
I find that when serve Him, is very hard. Once you have that talent, you are forever serving Him with your talent. That's how I felt. I'm giving out a lot, feel like I'm dried out already. Practice in a row for the whole day, not easy. I've tried that. Is really a tiring day for me. Arghh... What to do?? Cannot do anything. Feel like wanna quit from serving. Where should I heading now?? Hmm...

Friday, December 02, 2005

Why choose the hard path??

Alright, what is the hard path? I believe everyone of us do have a hard path right? Why should I choose the hard path at the first point? Easy path don't choose, but choose the hard one. Hmm.. Can I say that I'm stupid? In my life, there is always a hard path. And I always choose the hard path as I'm so stupid.

The things in my life such as my career, my relationship, my cell group and others. All this things are given by Him. All I need to do is to follow the easiest way to get trough all this substance in my life. Hmm... But I choose not to follow the easiest way. Lets talk about my career. Ever since I step into this working world, I find that is really not easy to earn money. But during college time, indeed I use money like water flowing. Not for now, money is hardly earned. So use money wisely. Save money for the future.

Talk about my relationship. Is all just because of my childish thought. Thinking that everything will be alright for distant relationship. But when I really step into such relationship, I find that is really getting harder and harder. Really so childish, I did not even experience the process of chasing after a girl. Indeed I have a girlfriend before this, but is already a history of mine. Now I'm back to single. No one want me now. Hmm.. Again, hard path. Distant relationship for about 3 yrs time. Is really hard to maintain. You ask me how I maintain it? I can tell you that I don't know as well. Haha.. Chasing after girl, is not easy as well. What I can said that is whether you can be patient or not. Although face some rejection, but still hold on with it. I'm sure that one day will be accepted. That's why I always say to myself, the process is always the precious than the result. You may see the result quite heavy, but process is always make the result last long. Do you agree?

Sometimes we choose the hard way, will feel the pain, hurt. But this is it man. You can feel the sweet result that you intended all these while after you have put so much effort into it. Trust me, that's how things work. Why choose the hard path??

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wasted day

Ooh.. Today is a tiring day for me. I only slept for about 4 hrs. 7am already woke up. You may wondering why am I wake up so early in the morning. I'm jobless, got nothing to do, but still wake up early in the morning. Hmm... I just don't know why I can wake up so early. I think is because my mind control my body to wake up in such a early time. That's why.. Morning need to send Grace to Asia Jaya. Reach home at 930. Just because of the traffic jam. Aiseh.. KL life wa. That's it, KL life is no good. That's the end of the KL life la..

What a day for me, look for Eric Ling lunch. At church, doing nothing. Just searching for solution to format Jon's laptop. Haiyz.. What a difficult thing to do. Need 2 brains to think for the solution. My whole day was doing this monkey business. Oh NO!!!!! Wasted my day. Intend to fix the host, wash my clothes and others. But now... Ended with nothing. Argh... I shall wash my clothes by tonight then. What a day.....

Saturday, November 26, 2005



What a day I have in Saturday. It seems like full and pack for me from the morning til evening. I was asked by Siau Wei to go jogging this morning. But due to my laziness and also tiredness, I "put her aeroplane". Hmm... I chose to continue with my sleep. Hehe.. As usual, wake up at 930am, brush my teeth and prepare for nurture class.

Nurture class?? What's that?? My first time to conduct a nurture class for my cell member. Phew.... Luckily throughout the class, not many question been asked. I like Ewilly's style, like to ask a lot. Good sheep, like to know more things. Hehe.. But the thing is, I don't know how to answer some of her question. As usual, need to search for solution before come to Ewilly. Hiak hiak hiak.... 1 and half hour gone for nurture class, rushing for church cleaning, Sabah mission trip meeting and the Faith Kids keyboard practice..

20 mins, wow... using that short time I rush to church for these 3 events. How am I going to attend 3 things at a time?? Alright, first of all, I go for church cleaning. I'm the one who in charge of vaccum the sanctuary. But when I use the vaccum cleaner, it produce some smelly thing, the smell is just like "Hong Kong leg" smell.. Yiaks... What a smell... No choice, have to go downstair and get the new toy to vaccum. Hehe..

Suddenly, Jonathan called me for the Sabah mission trip meeting. Oh no.... How am I going to do 2 things at a time? How good that I can divide myself into 2. Hehe.. But I'm not magician nor God. Again, no choice, have to choose one. I go for the meeting. Wow.. This meeting last for 1 hour plus. Almost the time for Faith Kids' practice. I have to vaccum the sanctuary right after the meeting. Gosh...

Faith Kids' practice... They have to wait for me for about half an hour. Die... Luckily there is a brother who offer himself to help me vaccum.. Hehe.. So I don't have waste everybody's time.

Hooray... Finally end of practice. I've forgotten to take my lunch.. Oh no... I've bought rolls and ate it at home.. Don't tell anyone that I did not take my meals on time o..

Thursday, November 03, 2005

What a dAy...

First day of posting blog, feels great. But today.. STOP!! Is yesterday, 21 Nov 2005. My day is a so so day. My dad ask me again, why shouldn't I wait til have found a job only I resign. This is a good question.. Would like to know if a company required 3 months notice for resignation, what would you do? Will you follow my way, throw resignation letter for 1 week notice (under probabation) OR wait til you found a job only resign???

I've been ponder around for this question every since I wanted to resign after my contract end. Frankly, I'm consider good enough for my boss. I gave them about 1 month notice. Supposingly I only need to give 1 week notice, then I'll go for another job. Would you feel that a company will wait for you 3 months? I don't think so there is such a good company which willing to wait for you that long. But finally, I've decided to leave the company. Although I haven't found a job yet, but I believe that God will provide. Just as in bible says that Ask and you shall be given.

Anyway, hopefully God will provide a good job with a good colleague and good working environment.